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To you who have chosen the road less traveled… 

Pragmatic Mystics
Wisdom Warriors
Liberating Thought Leaders
Spiritual Change Agents
Cultural Creatives
Intuitives and Empaths
Life Coaches
Social Entreprenuers
Holistic Practioners
Persons of Heart and Soul
Mavens at Play

Gods and Goddesses of light and laughter who follow their soul-inspired path.

The world needs your gifts, your talents,
and your dreams.

  • Do you have a passion for potential?
  • Are you called to be of service, to support others in connecting with their passion and potential?
  • Are you an energy enthusiast? Someone who enjoys exercising your intuitive and energetic abilities and cultivating energetic wisdom?
  • Do you want to play and connect with others to support you in service to your calling? to make your deep dreams for the world come true?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then …

You are on a wisdom path and
want to play with other wisdom warriors.

  • You rely on your insight and inspiration to light your way.
  • You balance the practical and the pragmatic with heart and soul, always with an eye to what will serve our collective good.
  • You feel the strong pull to realize your visions, and yet find they continue to shift and morph.
  • You face demanding spiritual challenges every day – weaving the intuition you receive into meaningful action to make your deep dreams for the world come true.
  • You seek to play a larger game and yet not get lost in the games.
  • You’re committed to being fiercely authentic and true to serving your calling.

You’re invited to play …

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By harnessing your gifts and talents in service to your dreams,

you empower yourself in ways that no one and nothing else can.