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How do we support one another to grow ourselves in service to our dreams?

Why are we here?

This is a question I’ve explored for some 20+ years.

I don’t believe there is any one answer to this question. Instead, there are many answers, many practices, and many communities coming together seeking answers to this question.

Partner, Potential, and Play is one of these communities.

In this community, the words—partner, potential, and play—take on new meaning from our ordinary usage of these words.


While the term ‘partner’ commonly refers to either a business partner or life partner, I use this term to convey a way of being in relationship with oneself and others.

Partner relationships build from common, shared purpose; trust; respect; and a desire to evolve ourselves.

Such relationships begin within ourselves— to partner our inner world—and then extend out to partner one another in ways that support our growth and learning.


What I’ve learned about potential is that it’s very much like Hermione’s handbag in the last volume of the Harry Potter series. Whatever you need, you can pull out of it.

Potential isn’t something you live up to. Potential isn’t a limited, scarce commodity.

As we engage with potential we grow. And as we grow, the more potential opens up. Potential encompasses all that is possible within ourselves and our world. As we grow our capacities to explore, connect, and act on our dreams and goals we give birth to possibilities, to opportunities, and to our potential.


As adults, we often think of play as fun activities, unrelated to the business of work.

However, what I’ve learned is that Play is more of an energy state. The more I can work from an energy state of play – the more joyful work is. Work becomes fun.

Play as an energy state points the way to support us energetically in all that we do. Play makes growth easier, learning more fun, and engaging with new challenges much less difficult.


What are the challenges to growing ourselves in service to our dreams?

How do we create communities of practice that will support us individually and collectively to grow, to come alive, have fun, and take joy in work?

How do we move from these questions and habits of mind …

… to embrace these emerging and liberating questions and practices

  • What’s in it for me?
  • How am I winning and succeeding?
  • There’s only one right, best, true way
  • Cultural patterns that diminish our self-worth, our self-trust, and our ability to access our energetic wisdom
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  • What’s in it for us?
  • How are we winning and succeeding?
  • Skillfully explore and build upon many paths and practices while bringing forth our inner truth and creative genius
  • Operate from liberating concepts and practices that ignite our unique gifts and talents
  • Engage both our rational and intuitive abilities to explore our inner world in service to our dreams

These are just a few of the questions that we seek answers to.

And, the playgrounds we seek these answers in are ones that will grow our abilities and capacities to partner ourselves and each other and to explore and unfold our potential.


The Partner Playground

When you experience unconditional acceptance, when you are fully witnessed and you witness others, something extraordinary happens. There is more space for you to accept and see yourself, to hear yourself. You gain clarity to take your next step of growth and change.

When you are held in a space of treasured support, and extend that to another—you become the gift that you have always been.

Partner practices start from the inside out. Becoming your own best partner grows your inner resources to partner others, to create the relationships and connections that your heart yearns for.


The Potential Playground

When your innate gifts and talents stay hidden, unacknowledged, invalidated, and unknown—you remain disconnected from your potential and your dreams. Your gifts and talents are the keys to unlock your inner visions, the promise of you, and the core of your heart‐felt, soul‐inspired dreams.

For some, the connection to their gifts, talents, purpose, and potential appears effortless. They seem to never question themselves, their abilities, or their path in life.

However, most of us labor with many questions, self‐doubts, obstacles, and challenges to knowing and expressing our gifts and talents. Oftentimes, we find ourselves reinventing ourselves as we grow and discover more about ourselves and what interests us.


The Energetic Wisdom Playground

Elite performers often report that their energetic state contributes 60% to 75% of their ability to make progress towards their goals. Their energetic state corresponds to their passion, their engagement, their feeling state about their work.

Energetic wisdom practices cultivate your focus, your outlook on life, your ability to move from one energetic state to another at will. You cultivate such practices to support your energetic wellbeing and insight.

As children, all learning was play. We didn’t have a sense of having to get it right, to work hard, to be in effort.

These are energy states that we’ve been taught to accept, socialized to sit in. Getting stuck in an unwelcome energy state is so common, so universal an experience—we have come to accept it as a normal state of the human condition.

What if this “normal state” simply isn’t true?

What if you could quickly move from an unfocused, frustrated, conflicted state to one of focus, ease, and inner harmony?  What if by exercising your energetic abilities you can instantly shift your feeling state at will to support you in the pursuit of all that holds heart and meaning for you?



The world needs your gifts, your talents, and your dreams.


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